Noami ♥ Family Portraiture Photographer, Putrajaya

Sometime ago, Noami contacted us and asked if we can do a photoshoot for 10 person + 1 baby. After reading her email, we were stunned, then we look at each other…heck lets do it ;) . We chose Putrajaya as shooting location. Well, we’ve got this love ‘n hate relationship with Putrajaya. We love the buildings ‘et all, but we hate the distance.

The day was great, blue sky with fluffy clouds….slurps….very seldom you get clouds like these in KL. I mean out of so many shoots we’ve done, this the 1st time we’ve got fluffy clouds.

It’s certainly not easy to shoot a group of 10 people, hence we divided them into groups and sort of split our work.

We spent most of the time at the Putrajaya Wetlands, then moved on to Precinct 2 where the government offices were.

Inspired by one of our favourite photographer, we did some whacky stuff. Noami’s family had so much fun dressing up themselves, with “moustache” LOL…we couldn’t stop laughing while taking photos of them hehe…

And here’s the serious gang…beats me LOL

After outdoor shoot, we went to Noami’s house and changed clothing. This round all dressed in Malay Traditional Costume. Something more formal to end the photoshoot.

We totally enjoyed this photoshoot and they were really sporting. Thanks again Noami.

Yu Jet ♥ Children’s Photographer, Klang

This is by far the earliest photoshoot we did. At 830 sharp we arrived at the location. After waiting for a couple of minutes Baby Jack arrived with his parents, Raymond & Vinnie.

We met at Tesco and we so lurve that wall that we decided to bring it back home with the photos :) .

Then we went to a park nearby for some outdoor session. The thing bout Jet is though he wake up so early, he’s so cheerful and happy all the time.

We placed him in the basket and he enjoys himself exploring it, as though he’s riding a car hehe…

As usual, after outdoor session, we proceeded to his home. Since it’s close to Chinese New Year, Vinnie dress him up like a China Doll.

We love his coolness. Love his laughter. He just loves the camera..period.

And here’s another to wrap up our day.

Lyan Fung ♥ Children’s Photographer, Subang

We could still remember Lyan Fung, our very first newborn photoshoot engagement with Christene. Back then he was so little. We shot him when he was only 8 days old. Now he’s about to turn 1. Boy how time flies for sure. Look at how much he has grown!!

We started off the day rather late as it was raining in the morning. As Christine mentioned, he hates car ride. Yes, in the car he was already telling us that he ain’t gonna co-operate with us this morning :P .

So when we arrived at the location, we quickly took off with the photoshoot as the sun was already on top of our head by then.

Just as we were about to leave, we spotted some lallang which we couldn’t resist, pulling over to snap a few more before he started to protest even more.

Once we reach his home, he was wide awake and smiled at us so happily. It’s obvious that he loves indoor much better than outdoor.

Here are a few photos at his home sweet home.

Last, after all that sweat & dust, we end our photoshoot with a baby bath ;) .