Zeta Mikaela Yee ♥ Newborn Photography, Kajang

We were supposed to have a Pregnancy session with Mommy Rachael in March. As we were busy co-ordinating with her, she suddenly informed us that we will need to change plans.

Baby Zeta decided to make an early entry to our world!! She’s 1 month early!! Mental note for ourselves, better don’t schedule Pregnancy session on the 8th month. We don’t want to end up going to hosp during the session hehe.

So we thought we can arrange a session when Zeta was only 4days old, but we didn’t make it as she had jaundice then followed by cold. Poor lil girl.

We eventually postponed the session till Zeta was 1 month old.

Shooting location was rather unique. Rachael has just moved in to their new house in Kajang. So one of the room was still empty and the natural lighting was super rich!!

Zeta was also very co-operative, she was sleeping most of the time. So we manage to play with more props during our session.

Oh, and Rachael requested for a shot of Zeta in the stork. It’s our 1st time doing this, but we totally love the effect :) .