XY & CE ♥ Children’s Photography, Kuala Lumpur

Here’s the last installment of Grab A Pixel. At least we managed to complete all the free sessions. Ginie is another fan of ours and we’ve known her for some time. CE is same age as our boys, Vyktore & Izac. Must arrange for a boys playdate one of these days heheh…

Dealing with older toddlers are much easier. At least we can make a deal with them, that once our task is done, they can go to park. So they are quite co-operative. But CE got upset with someone and refused to pose for us, until Daddy had to psycho him. Look at his cool pose.

XY adores CE alot, lots of hugs and kisses from her to the lil’ brother.

Then we thought of a great idea. Introduced them to Talking Tom. First time they met Tom, they were hooked!! Best apps ever :) .

A jump shot before they go to the playground. And a few more shots before we end the session.

They requested to say goodbye to Tom haha..how cute.

And before we part, XY said, “hey, are we done? But we have not got the photos yet? When are we going to get it?”

LOL, my dear, we definitely can’t print out the photos instantly for you, but we are rushing off the CD to your Mommy that’s for sure :) .

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