At this moment, we only shoot on weekends and public holidays. Shown below are the dates which we’ve been booked, this info is subject to change without notice due to the nature of some shoots. Sometimes we do swap the dates around due to customer request too, so please drop us an email if you require a photo session & you see that the date is taken.


April 2012

1st :

7th : Pixel Out Of Oven, Jacob Cheng
8th :

11th :

14th : Pixel Out Of Oven, Mason Tan
15th : Pixel Out Of Oven, Jacob Cheng

21st : Pixel Out Of Oven, Emma Teoh
22nd :

28th :
29th : Bunch O’ Pixels, Christine Chew

May 2012

1st :

5th :
6th :

12th :
13th :

16th : Bunch O’ Pixels, Eucee Ng

19th :
20th :

26th : Bunch O Pixels, Lakhsmi
27th : Bunch O Pixels, Jee Lian

June 2012

2nd : Pixel Out Of Oven, Chloe Toh
3rd : Pixel In The Oven, Rebecca Chim

9th : Party Pixel, Sarojini
10th :

16th : Pixel Out Of Oven, Mei Ling
16th : Party Pixel, Sai Banu
17th : Pixel Out Of Oven, Chris Lam

23rd :
24th :

30th :

One thought on “C A L E N D A R

  1. Dear Two Pixels

    I’m interested to take family pictures (5 adults + 3 toddlers).
    We are staying in a condo near the Subang Jaya lake.
    Would like to have some indoor and outdoor shots (taken inside house, and some at the swimming pool/playground).

    Photography session date on Sunday 27 May.
    Timing maybe just 1 hr or so – depending on your recommendation.

    Hope to hear from you soon.