Adorable sisters [Cyberjaya Family Portrait Photographer]

We love returning customers. Haven’t we said that many times :) . It just purely shows that they love our work and wants more from us. Joanna contacted us that she was itching for some new photos for her new home. After some discussions with her hubby, we confirmed her session and met them on a Sunday morning.

The last we met Yun Ying was when she was 9 months old. Now she’s about 3+. How time flies. She’s still the same little girl that never fails to give us a smile each time. Same goes to Yun Qing, her little sister. And boy she’s so chubby. We definitely couldn’t resist ourselves to pinch her (if we could).

He had a great time cycling at Cyberjaya, and then off we went to the playground for some fun time.

Here are some of the photos of the 2 adorable sisters and their family. Again thanks Joanna for trusting us. We surely enjoy working with you and hope to see you again when Yun Qing is older.

Twin Brothers [Bukit Jalil Family Portrait Photographer]

Chin Nee & her family are supporters of TwoPixels Photography. We’ve known her for years and every year she would sign up for a session with us. If I can recall correctly, this is the 4th session of this beautiful family.

Her twins had great fun at the outdoor while their elder sister, QiQi, was busy entertaining herself with drawings on the easel board (we brought that along with us for the session!!).

Some photos to share with you during that session. Thanks Chin Nee for trusting us for so many years.

Belly-licious Mommy [Titiwangsa Pregnancy Photographer]

It was a beautiful morning in Lake Gardens where we arranged this session with Mommy Lay Ling. First time Mommy to be, must be very excited.

Old people saying, if you are pregnant with a boy, you will carry the baby very well and look slim. Whilst carrying a baby girl, you will look clumsy. I guess this is true in Lay Ling’s case. She doesn’t even look like she’s heavily pregnant at all!!

Here are some shots taken at Lake Garden and her home.

Beautiful Bellies [Bukit Jalil Maternity Photographer]

Yes, I guess this year is a year of beautiful bellies and dragon babies. Most of the session enquiries coming in seems to be for maternity and/or newborn sessions, not that I am complaining! :P

Following the last maternity session, I have had the privilege to shoot another yummy mummy, Angel. Prior to our session, Angel and I met up for a short discussion on her ideas for the shoot. Since she’s a second time mummy, she’s got a set of artistic photos that she had in mind, and of which I hope I managed to deliver to a certain extent.

The follow three photos shared will exactly what the title is about… beautiful bellies.

Angel, thanks for a great session with you at your home!